I highly recommend Bill Tindale and his entire team at Capital Region Tutors for SAT/ACT prep!  After just 5 sessions my son increased his SAT test score by 170 points!  Bill & Chris present the material in a way that gives students the confidence they need.  They are flexible and allow you to work in small groups.  I can't say enough about the amazing SAT/ACT prep you will receive with Capital Region Tutors!  Ellen Snyder

Brett has been tutoring my girls for the past 3 years and has been great. He is very passionate and dedicated to his work. My daughters have made significant progress in school and both are excelling in their grades.  B.N.

Chelsea worked with Abby for several months for help in math. She is very patient and knowledgeable and Abby really liked her. She was able to fit us in on short notice. She was able to work around our crazy schedule. She also gave Abby confidence and Abby is doing well this year!   J.G.
My son has been working with Corey for over 6 months. We are very pleased with his expertise and presentation of HS math, familiarity with NYS testing and flexibility of scheduling to include extra review prior to tests in addition to weekly meetings. He has exceeded our expectations! Highly recommend.  A.F.
As repeat customers I just can't say enough! All 3 of my kids had the opportunity to work with Bill and D and T services. Although each of them is a very different student, they all benefited greatly from the tutoring they received. They learned strategies that fit their individual learning profiles and ways to attack the test efficiently and effectively. They often would find someone who specializes in a certain section if they see a need to strengthen a certain area and all provide great feedback and communication. Bill was incredibly flexible and understanding of busy teen schedules and, unlike large classes, works to fit the kids schedules. After shopping around, his prices were unbeatable and the individual attention was beyond the bang for the buck! Bill and the other tutors don't forget about the kids when they are done and check in to make sure all went well long after the tutoring was over. Thank you D and T!    M.C.
I can not thank Sheila enough. My son, a high school senior at Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons high school in Schenectady, who just walked across the graduation stage, needed to take and pass his English Regents Comprehensive Exam to meet graduation requirements. I contacted Sheila two weeks prior to the exam, she promptly responded to my request, and scheduled to spend two hours with my son at the local library. Impressively, she made contact with his HS guidance counselor to learn his prior scores and weaknesses so she'd know the areas to focus on with him to strengthen his skills. She was very diligent, caring and patient in guiding him through the central areas of the exam.  More so, she followed-up that evening with additional points and gave him homework to increase his comfortability and familiarity with the test. Needless to say, my son passed his exam and is now off to college. I am forever grateful for her, her expertise and immediate response time. Thank you! I recommend her without any reservations.   Shari W. Quinn
Kristen was easy to work with.  She was available to come to our house and tutor 2 students on the weekends.  She understands the busy schedule of our students.  She gave the students valuable techniques on how to answer the questions on the SATs.  My daughter received 220 points higher after getting tutored by Kristen.  The tutoring is definintely worth the time and money.  We were all very pleased with the outcome!
The ACT tutoring sessions given by D and T Tutoring Service were a tremendous help. In just three sessions, I was prepared for, ready for, and eager to take the ACT. I received an awesome packet of tips for the English session, a nice overview and some advice about the reading and science sections, and a refresher course about the math section (since that was my strong point). As a group (the tutor, a friend, and myself) we walked through several practice questions in multiple practice exams. I ended up scoring above what I expected and I owe a lot of that to the wonderful tutoring that I received. Now I don't have to take it again! Thank you D and T Tutoring Service!!!  K.R.
Sheila Hyer has been tutoring my son for the past several weeks and she's been wonderful!  My son relates well to Sheila and he enjoys the tutoring sessions he has with her.  Sheila is very professional, reliable, proactive and knowledgeable.  She has provided us with valuable information regarding the college application process and has assisted with SAT/ACT preparation.  Sheila is currently helping  my son with his reading comprehension and writing skills.  I highly recommend Sheila and know you won't be disappointed if you hire her!  B.A.

My two friends and I have been having tutoring sessions with Bill since around last fall. We LOVE Bill! We always looked forward to our session. They were a nice mix of learning and fun. We felt comfortable getting answers wrong and weren't embarrassed at all. He taught us all the great tricks and traps to approach each question. We all improved our scores so much! We could tell he genuinely wanted us to succeed. I strongly recommend Bill!  C.A.
Richard is an exceptional tutor with vast knowledge of the content and expectations of Regents Algebra/Trig. He planned a specific curriculum based on the needs of my son. He was kind hearted and understanding regarding my son's special needs and flexible when we needed him to be. I am so grateful for everything that Richard has done for my son.
Kathy Miller
He (Richard Auclair) was truly wonderful! He really understood my son and realized how to break it down for him. So happy to have had him! He was the reason my son was able to pass.  Jacquelyn Szczepanik
Kim is knowledgeable and allows my son to process information using his specific learning style. She
provides support for planning assignments and maintains contact with teachers. She is flexible with our schedule and is  available to students and parents through email, and phone. She connects and works well with my son.    Kathy Miller
Our son, a senior in HS, took the SAT in May and again in October. His scores improved by 230 points! It was clear after the first test that he had issues with time management and needed strategies for narrowing down possible answers. After several sessions with his tutor, his confidence level increased and he felt less anxious going into the second test. We are very pleased with the result and our son was thrilled that his higher test scores brought him to the target range he needed for the colleges he is looking at. The investment in tutoring was well worth it!!   L.S.
Just wanted to let you know that Sarah loved the global review. She thought the teacher was awesome and she felt it was very helpful.  C.W.
We are extremely happy with the tutoring you provided and couldn't have asked for better accommodations, scheduling, and tutoring!  I am sure we will be back at some point for more sessions and we will definitely be recommending your company to others.  On another note, thank you for so quickly finding somebody terrific that came to the house.  Our son was able to attend this way and we are so grateful.

'My daughter' had a very positive experience at the review class. She specifically told me that she enjoyed the class, and loved the "atmosphere" . I think she felt like she was in college, and of course that was the setting. She has been successful in school this year (9th grade), and with help from D & T, she is positioning herself to continue into an exciting future of learning and accomplishment.  N.K.

'My daughter' took her SAT's this past Saturday and said she felt the tutoring was very helpful and she is confident that her scores will improve.  I also wanted to tell you how impressed I was with Nicole (the tutor).  She was extremely professional throughout these past 9 weeks and gave a written account of everything they did each session which was very helpful to me.  I will be sure to recommend D and T Tutoring Service to my friends if the need arises.  K.K.

'My son' is very much enjoying his time with Courtney (the tutor).  He has a reborn enthusiasm for the Spanish language and it would appear that he no longer views it as "work."  S.A.

Wanted you to also know that Mike (the tutor) has been absolutely fabulous with communication back and forth, and tolerating my texts, which can be somewhat detailed and lengthy. I really can't say enough praise about him and his work with 'my son'. Thank you for choosing him for 'my son'!  R.H.

I really value the tutoring that Sheila is giving my daughter.  S.C.

BTW, 'my daughter' thinks Mike is, by far, the best social studies teacher she's ever worked with.  She said she plans to write him a note after her Regent's exam to tell him what a great teacher he'll make. She said he's taught her more in the last 3 weeks in terms of getting her to REALLY understand global than her 9th and 10th grade teachers.   He's just been amazing.  She feels very ready for the Regent's exam.  I can't wait to see how she does.  "My daughter' said she'd like to work with Mike again next year when she takes US History.  L.S.

I just wanted to let you know that 'my son' had a great experience with Brett and all of the tutors.  They really helped him get through some difficult material.  He also said that the St. Rose reviews have been fantastic.  He loved the Global and Living Environments.  He thinks he did very well on both.  Thanks again for all of your help this year.  I really appreciate it!!  C.H.

Just so you know, Sheila (the tutor) has been great for 'my son'.  She has taught him a ton and has definitely built his confidence.  E.R.

I just wanted to let you know that Rebecca (the tutor) is working out great. 'My daughter' really likes her,  and she is  not as anxious about all her subjects as she was.  As I had hoped less stress about Math has seemed to improve her self confidence in all her subjects.  Her report card came yesterday, all grades are better than predicted at midterm.  More importantly the report card didn't result in tears and more anxiousness from 'my daughter'.  S.K

He (the tutor) not only helped get my daughter's math SAT up 80 points to 690 from 610, he successfully tutored my son to pass the geometry Regents!  Your service is wonderful, providing exceptional tutors for every test need and every level student!  E.R.

Corey (the tutor) has been phenomenal.  Nick has gone from a D to an A-.  I just got his mid-term teacher remarks today.  It doesn't even sound like the same child that he is commenting on.  Nick relates well to Corey and he is extremely accommodating.   J.P.

I am very happy with your services provided.  Your screening is very good and it was a perfect match for us and our busy working schedule.  S.P.

Just a quick note to let you know that 'my daughter's' chemistry tutoring sessions are going great...and she and I love Rachel (the tutor).  She's a sweetheart and is so helpful to 'my daughter' as she prepares for the Regents in 2 weeks.  S.H.

My husband is really impressed with Bill (the trainer) and is learning so much from their sessions.  He said Bill is very knowledgeable and I think my husband is really into making a change.  He has been exercising every day and I was happy to see Bill has now introduced recording of food.  I need to do that, too.  Since Bill started working with my husband he is getting more confident and happier. It has made a big difference.  S.C.

My daughter was apprehensive and nervous but I think she gained some insight into the PSAT that she will be taking this Saturday....Brett offered many useful tips and hopefully 'my daugther' will take them into consideration during her test.  A.W.

I thought I would tell you that my daughter raised her SAT scores 170 points, so we are very happy to have had Kristen as her tutor. Thanks.  A.C.

'My daughter' thought the tutoring was very helpful.  Again, D and T came through for her.  K.M.

NK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU.  The tutoring sessions were worth every dollar spent!  M.S.

I will be recommending D and T Tutoring to others.  I appreciated the quick response and accommodation of needs.  R.P.

I just wanted to say how much we adored Rebecca.  She was so helpful and friendly we would recommend her to anyone.  What a lovely person.  A.C., H.C.

I passed the US Regents!  Many thanks to the review session which was very helpful.  S.B.

I just wanted to let you know the 'my son' got a 96 on the Global final exam.  'Melissa' did a great job and would like her to tutor 'my son' next year for the Regents.  C.H.

Both tutors have been very accommodating.  'My son' runs track and the end of the season has been very busy for him.  He also had multiple concerts at school.  I had to do a lot of rescheduling.  They always tried hard to be here whenever asked.  Both have been very helpful in their respective subjects. 

I thought I would be bored to tears, but it (the review class) was actually very interesting.  T.S.N

We were concerned about this exam (Global History) as it is known to be difficult and covers 2 years of material, but the end result was a score in the 90's.  DW

We can't say enough great things about Nick!  We were hoping working with someone one on one would make a little bit of difference in our son's SAT preparedness, but we are certain Nick's sessions will help a great deal in our son's scores.  And, an indirect benefit has happened from working with Nick.  'Our son' has always been a pretty good math student (usually about a 90 average), however the ten sessions he's had with Nick have paid dividends on his math average and has helped keep him engaged in his math studies.  He currently has a 98% average in advanced trigonometry!  R.H.

We wanted to let you know that our daughter got a 100 on her Biology test and an 85 on her mid-term. Her test and quiz average going in was a 72, so this is a real improvement. Thanks so much for all of Brett's (the tutor's) effort, he has been a tremendous help. L.P.

I wanted you to know that my daughter received an 89 on the Regents! We are VERY PLEASED!

I can't tell you how happy we have been with each and every tutor you've connected us with. It has been a godsend for our son. S.C.

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter got her October SAT grades and she went way up in every area, thanks to Alan's wonderful tutoring.  I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your services and Alan is a great tutor...he was patient and my daughter felt very comfortable with him...she says he is one of the smartest people she has ever met.

I just want to comment that our tutor is AWESOME. I believe he was the first ever tutor that my son found a connection with. My son has more confidence and strength now. I'm glad that I was introduced to D and T Tutoring Services, LLC through an acquaintance.  THANK YOU...THANK YOU.

Just letting you know that my son really enjoyed his first SAT prep. session with Nick (the tutor).  He wasn't looking forward to these sessions but after the first one he's already looking forward to the next ones.   Nick has a great way about him... very effective teaching style!  I can see why he was recommended.

...just a note saying how happy I was with Ralph (the tutor).  With his help my daughter was finally able to pass the Global Regents.  I would recommend him and your service to everyone!  Thanks!

I wanted to tell you how much better my son is doing in Math and Spanish.  He brought his math grade up from failing to 65 last quarter and now his grade is up to 85!  We no longer need a Spanish tutor because his grades are up as well.

Jackie was the best tutor!  She was so very accommodating to our ever changing schedule.  She would explain the topics to my son from a different angle if he did not understand the material.  She would give him pointers on topics that she knew would be on the Regents Exam.  His average increased with her assistance as well as his confidence in the subject. J.F.

Thank you so much for coordinating the small group tutoring at my house.  I think the boys got a lot out of it.  I know my son did.  E.R.

We just got our son's report card and he received a 75 in the Physics Regents and a final mark of 82.  Considering he was failing Physics on June 1st when I spoke with his teacher, I consider this a terrific accomplishment and our son couldn't have done it without your assistance.  Also in Pre-Calculus, he received a 85 for the 4th quarter, 80 on the Regents, and 81 for the final mark. 

I thought you might be interested in our daughter's SAT score from June 6.  Her critical reading was 650 (up 20 points), her math was 710 (up 50), and her writing was 710 (up 110).  Way up from last time (180 points) and it gives us a better idea of her target schools.  Thanks, she likely couldn't have done it without tutoring.

We want to express how satisfied we are with your services.  Tom (the tutor) was able to quickly evaluate where our son needed extra support, pulling up the important highlights and condensing the material for his studies.  Our son became more confident and understanding with his Spanish studies.  Our son was able to keep an 80's average and received an 83 on his proficiency exam.  Thank you for providing a service that is in great need, with great professionals!

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter did excellent on her tests due to your review classes.  She received 90's!  Thank you.

My son is doing very well with his math tutoring.  Kris (the tutor) is great and my son's math grade has gone from 70 to an 84.  We're very happy about that.  L.T.

I will be back for review classes next year.

Your last tutor for my older son was a great help.  I would recommend her to anyone for Chemistry Regents.  S.P.

This class (U.S. History) was great.  Without it, I wouldn't have gotten the great grade I did.

I was glad I took the class (Global Studies) because there was a lot of material to study and the instructor really helped go over everything.

My daughter was sure she was going to fail the test.... She passed because of going to your review.  Thanks!  B.O.

"Thank you for your help with my daughter's tutoring.  Please thank her tutor as well.  She was able to bump her verbal score past the threshold she needed."

"I wanted to tell you that Bryan brought his SAT's up 80 points and his guidance counselor and parents were very pleased.  Working with Nick (the tutor) was a big part of the improvement."


"Just wanted you to know that my son's score went up 260 points on critical reading and 90 points on the math.  He also received a great composite score on the ACT.  We are certain that the tutoring sessions were a contributing factor to his growth.  We are happy too that these scores qualified him for a scholarship at his first choice college and have opened many other doors for him. Thanks for your help and service which I recommend often." 
- C.H.

"Jill (the tutor) could not have been better!!  She is an excellent tutor and we will continue to make arrangements with her.  Her methods and strategies worked so well that he has already improved his average more than we could imagine."  - G.D.

"Nick (the tutor) was very organized and reliable.  Kelsey (the student) was very comfortable with him right from the start and he was very patient with her in regard to mathematical problems.  I'm sure Kelsey's test scores will benefit from his expertise."  -  K.D.

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter received her scores this morning and her critical reading score increased 140 points from last time and 120 points from her highest.  That was a huge increase that definitely exceeded our expectations - thank you so much for your able assistance."    - S.P.

"The example problems were helpful as were all of the handouts.  I was able to practice the morning before and I believe that it was very beneficial."  -  M.V.

"As a parent, we are pleased with your reviews and the confidence it gives the student after attending your session."  -  M.C.

"I was glad that he (the instructor) took the time to answer all of the questions we needed answered."  - A.G.

"Going over everything topic by topic was a great review for the test."  - E.C.

"The teacher was great!  He was very calm and patient and worked with everyone.  He answered everyone's question and explained information in full detail." 

"The instructor covered the material unit by unit." - L.W.

"I thought that the English section was very helpful.  I was able to use the skills that were taught and I felt confident going into the essay portion."  - A.G.

Your tutoring service is OUTSTANDING!  When and if I run into anyone that requires tutoring...you bet...your team is on the top of the list.  M.S.

"My daughter said that this instructor had a voice that stayed with you and she felt that when she is taking the exam she will hear his voice and remember what he said.  Also, having the review the night before the final ensures the information is fresh in the student's mind."  - M.C.

"...the teacher went over everything.  He went into very specific detail and when someone was confused he went over it until everyone understood."


"The whole class and the teacher was great. I feel a lot better about taking the test."  - D.B.

"Wasn't a boring lecture - a lot of student interaction."

"My daughter's practice test scores were between 75% and 85% before she took the review class.  She scored 98% on her Regents the next day after your course.  We were very pleased."  - J.D.