Small Group Sessions

Step 1
Determine what content areas you need help in.  We offer 1 hour blocks for SAT, ACT, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, and Geometry.

Step 2
Form a group of 2 to 4 students who share the same need.  We have found that "team tutoring" is very effective.  Students with similar goals support each other and encourage their friends to complete assignments.

Step 3
The more friends you recruit, the less you pay.  An hour session costs $99, so a group of 4 pays just $24.75 per student!  Finding reliable groupmates with similar schedules is not always easy, but the economic benefit is well worth it!

Step 4
Choose an instructor.  More instructors will be added as our busy season approaches.  Feel free to schedule sessions with multiple instructors for different perspectives.

Bill Tindale
All sections of the SAT and ACT!

Chris Dunne
SAT, ACT, Chemistry, Physics
Algebra, Geometry

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Step 5
Go to the bottom of this page to see our schedule and to book sessions.   Due to high demand for certain times, content areas, and instructors we encourage you to schedule sessions in advance.  All of our small group sessions are held at the Foundation of New York State Nurses Office Complex at 2113 Western Avenue in Guilderland.  It's quiet and we have plenty of spaces to work with whiteboards and projectors!

Step 6
Register for as many sessions as you want. Again, we HIGHLY recommend that you schedule sessions in advance.

One person will act as the group's representative.  He or she will register for sessions and make all payments (and be reimbursed by teammates).  This saves us alot of time and hassle, which ultimately allows us to keep our rates LOW and focus on INSTRUCTION!

Step 7
Make sure you know where we are located.  We have to run a tight ship, so being late will reduce instruction time.  We commit to 60 minutes of high level instruction!  Please get what you are paying for!

2113 Western Avenue, Guilderland, 12084

  • Reminder:  As the group's representative, you will be responsible for making the initial payment and being reimbursed by your groupmates.  This helps us keep our costs low!
  • The scheduling system only allows you to book one session at a time.  After you register for your first session, your information is saved and the process becomes easier.