SAT Classes
Bill Tindale

Bill will be teaching SAT prep classes in Guilderland from January to May!

Small Group Setting: 
Limit of 8 students (usually less than 6)

Choose classes according to your schedule or particular strengths/weaknesses.

Rewards Program

"What a wonderful experience my daughter had taking the SAT review classes with Bill Tindale With his guidance, her score went up a total of 130 points Every session she would come home saying she really is getting something out of the classes  He went above and beyond with my daughter and always took time out of his busy day to answer any phone call of mine or text.  This is a wonderful program and I highly recommend it.  Thank you so much!!!"  Patti H

"We have used this tutoring program for 4+ years for 2 high schoolers. Would highly recommend. The tutors are knowledgeable, professional and positive.  Nancie and Bill Tindale are as dedicated to our child’s success as we are. Bill reached out to our daughter to provide extra support so our daughter could reach her goal. SAT score rose 100+ points between first and second exam.  Thank you to D & T Tutoring!"  C.B.

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